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They are called: betasitosterol, Beta Sitosterol or Beta-Sitosterol.  Is it probable to find beta sitosterol supplement? 


Beta Sitosterol, Betasisterol or beta-sistostero are fats that are found in plants.  


Its side effects exceed its benefits. 


The chemical structures of beta-sitosterol are nearly identical to the animal fat known as cholesterol. 


At relatively low concentrations, beta-sitosterol exert their biological activities. 

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  •  Betasitosterol Dosage: 60-600 mg daily 


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  •  Betasitosterol benefits or Beta sitosterol research and Functions: 


1) Beta-sitosterol helps improve symptoms in patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy. 


2) Beta sitosterol supplement is used in the prevention and treatment of elevated cholesterol levels by reducing cholesterol absorption in the gut. Does not affect HDL. Decreases LDL by 11-15%.Medical Evidence about this fact is very strong. 


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3) Prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus and tuberculosis. 


3) Betasitosterol enhances the immune system and has some benefits in AIDS and HIV therapy 


  •  Betasitosterol Toxicity: beta-sitosterol is considered safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines. 


  •  Side effects: At high dosage levels, this supplement may cause constipation or diarrhea. 


  •  Health conditions related: 



  •  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) 
  •  Colds and Flu 
  •  Hyperlipidemia 
  •  Lupus 
  •  Multiple Sclerosis 


2) Research and Pregnancy: until today, medical literature has reported any trouble related to fetal development during pregnancy or infant who are breast-fed. Therefore I recommend that you inform your physician about any supplements you are taking while pregnant or breast-feeding. 


3) Any adverse effects related to beta sitosterol supplement use in children have been related. However, do not use this supplement in children under 10 years unless recommended by a physician.