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Benefiber Benefits & Side Effects - Benefiber Weight Loss


  Benefiber as indicated by its name contain essentially fiber.  When you take it,you will get the fiber you need.

Why do you need fiber?

Because benefiber plays important roles in the organism:

Fiber reduces risk of cancer,cardiovascular diseases and many other illness

Helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

Treats constipation

Helps in relieving obesity

The problem is that you generally take only 14 to 15 gr of fiber each day from your food.Medical Science and particularly dietitians recommend to take between 25 to 35 gr of fiber each day. 

It help you get the fiber you need .All you have to do is to add it to any beverage or food.And because it dissolves completely,you will not even notice a change in taste.

Characteristics :

Texture: non-thickening. benefiber images

Taste free.

Versatility:can be added to any beverage,any food at any temperature.

Safety:very safe

What's the difference between benefiber and other fibers?

The difference is in the amount of fiber for each serving.People who take it get 3 grams of fiber per serving while those who take other fibers like get only 2 grams .

What's the difference between this fiber and other onesl?

It contains same amount of fiber as metamucil:3 gr.

Side effects :

You may experiment these symptoms the first time taking this type of fiber like benefiber or any other fiber additive.But if you continue taking the product,you will get improvement of these symptoms.

Gastrointestinal pain or discomfort
Diarrhea and nausea
Sensation of fullness.