Vitamin Supplement

Astragalus Membranaceus



Astragalus root has the ability to enhance our immune system and to modify the body's response to stress and infections. Astragalus membranaceus has been used during centuries for its stress-fighting properties.  


The benefits of Astragalus membranaceus exceed this supplement side effects. 


Its Dosage: 


  •  Astragalus membranaceus Dosage Range250-500mg (standardized extract), 4 times a day. Astragalus root Dried Root: 2-6 grams daily. 

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  •  Astragalus root Fluid Extract: 4 to 12 milliliters daily. 


  •  Its Most Common Dosage250mg (standardized extract), 4 times a day. Dried Root: 2 grams daily. 


  •  Astragalus root Fluid Extract: 4 milliliters daily. 


  •  Its Benefits: 


  •  First benefit: Astragalus membranaceus supports immune functions. 


  •  Second benefits: it helps to decrease the severity and duration of the common cold. 


  •  It has the ability to strengthen the heart. It improves the function of the left ventricle of the heart and cardiac output, or pump volume. 


  •  It protects against cellular damage in the liver. 


  •  Its Side effects: 


This supplement is considered safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines. 


  •  Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding: 


Any adverse effects with the use of this stress supplement has been noted related to fetal development during pregnancy or to infants who are breast-fed. 


Health Conditions Related to this supplement: 


  •  Bronchitis, Chronic 
  •  Colds and Flu 
  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
  •  Fibromyalgia 
  •  Mononucleosis 
  •  Lupus 
  •  Otitis Media 


Drug/Herb Interactions with this supplement: 


Immunosuppressive medications: because it stimulates our immune functions it may interact with these drugs.