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Ashwaganda is also known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng.  Product benefits exceed its side effects. Product has been traditionally used for the treatment of impotence, debility, premature aging and emaciation. 


Ashwaganda Dosage: 


  • Ashwaganda Dosage Range: 450mg (standardized extract), 2-3 times a day. 


  •  Most Common Dosage 450mg (standardized extract), 2 times a day. 


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  •  Enzymatic Therapy Hot Plants for Him, 60 capsules, Formula that contains 250 mg in that product. 


  •  Ashwaganda Benefits or Functions: 


  •  Ashwaganda for anxiety and insomnia: This root improves learning ability, enhances mental and physical performance, decreases stress and fatigue.That product is a general tonic that can be used in stressful situations, especially restlessness ,insomnia or when you're feeling overworked. 


  •  Product possesses antitumor, anti-inflammatory,antistress, antioxidant and rejuvenating properties. 


  •  Product increases the red blood cell count by this way helps needed oxygen to get to the tissues.This product also enhances the number of white blood cells and boosts the immune system after cyclophosphamide chemotherapy. 


  •  That product contains significant amounts of the amino acids ornithine and arginine. These amino acids help the body to have proper nervous system function. 


  •  Studies have shown that product can decrease blood glucose in diabetics and cholesterol and triglycerides. 


  • Product may stimulate thyroid function by enhancing serum T4 concentration. 


  •  Product seems that sexual performance may be higher in men using this herb. 


  •  Product Side effects: 


  •  Because this supplement may change thyroid functions, people with thyroid condition should not use ashwagandha without medical supervision. 


  •  Because this supplement contains iron which can potentially accelerates heart troubles, men with cardiovascular risk should use this supplement in moderation . 


  •  Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding : 


  • Because it may induce abortions, this supplement should not be used in pregnant women. Do not take it if you are breast-feeding an infant without first getting a physician's advice. 


  • Health Conditions Related to Ashwaganda: 


  •  Anemia 
  •  Impotence 
  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
  •  Stress 


Drug/Herb Interactions with product: 


  •  Narcotic medications 
  •  Sedative medications 
  •  Anxiolytic medications 
  •  Thyroid medications