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Ashtma is a well-known disease that affect lungs.


It is not an age-related disease. Children as well as adults suffer from ashtma. 

How does athma act? 

Generally,ashtma affects your ability to breathe,prevent your body from taking oxygen.As you know,you need oxygen to survive and can't live without it. 


When this happens,people get panic.This explains why this sickness is a really debilitating health problems both physically and mentally. 


Physiopathology of athma: 


How does it work? 


By narrowing your trachea and bronchial passages in response to some stimulus.The tissue of people with asthma is very sensitive. Many external stimuli like pollen, dust, and cold air can cause constriction of the airways. 


But there are internal stimuli like a nutritional deficiency or emotional stress. 




Ashtma is classified into "intrinsic" asthma and "extrinsic" asthma. 


  •  Intrinsic athma: affect adults and is caused by cold air, exercise, or emotional trauma(risk factors). 


  •  In extrinsic athma is generally known under the terms of "allergic or atopic asthma".In this type of ashtma,as allergic substance like polen or dust causes a reaction of the immune system which releases in the lungs chemicals that cause the airway constriction. 


Causes of athma: 




  •  Pharmaceutical drugs like PCN ,beta-blockers,ASA, estrogen, NSAIDs, 
  •  Animal dander 
  •  Grass/Tree/Plant pollens 
  •  Dust mites 
  •  Foods like wheat,peanuts,citrus,corn, milk, yeasts 
  •  Cat hair, saliva, urine 
  •  Dog hair, saliva 
  •  Mold 
  •  Food additives like dyes,sulfites, MSG, other preservatives 




  •  Emotional stress 
  •  Weather changes 
  •  Additives 
  •  Air pollution like ozone, smog 
  •  Chemical odors like cleaners, nail polish, paint 
  •  Cold air 
  •  Cold drink 
  •  cooking fuellike kerosene, natural gas, propane 
  •  Infection (upper respiratory) 
  •  Coal smoke 
  •  Nutritional deficiencies in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamins C and B6 
  •  Tobacco smoke 


Ashtma symptoms: 


  •  Wheezing 
  •  Coughing 
  •  Trouble breathing 


Athma Treatment: 


It's very important to check with your doctor when you have attacks. It’s also important to follow your physician's recommendation. 


But it's clear that nutritional deficiencies can be one of the causes of this diseases.To help preventing ashtma, we recommend two formulas: 


  •  Biovent Asthma Remedy,a unique combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients. 


  •  Oxy 17 which contains: 


  •  Magnesium 20 mg 
  •  L-Glutamine 500 mg 
  •  Cordyceps 500 mg 
  •  Noni Ext. 500 mg 
  • Coleus Forskohlin 15 mg 
  •  Grape Seed Ext. 10 mg 
  •  Vtamin B6 20 mg 
  •  Vitamin B12 500 mg 
  •  Vitamin C 60 mg 


This formula has helped others. It can help you.