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Arthitis & Rheumatoid sickness Review:  Rheumatoid Arthitis (RA) is an autoimmune disease forcing the immune system to destroy the joints. 


This disorder is painful, disabling and inflammatory. 


Its progression may lead to joint destruction and loss of mobility. 


Rheumatoid Arthitis Features: 


Doctors said someone has rheumatoid sickness based on the following criteria (If you have 4 criteria or more): 


Doctors said someone has rheumatoid sickness based on the following criteria (If you have 4 criteria or more):arthitis 


  •  Stiffness in the morning of >1 hour. 


  •  Soft tissue & sickness swelling of >3 of 14 joints. 


  •  subcutaneous nodules in many specific places 


  •  Hand joints affected 


  •  Radiological changes that suggest joint erosion. 


  •  Both sides of the body affected (Symmetric) 


  •  Rheumatoid factor present at a level above the 95th percentile 


Rheumatoid sickness Symptoms: 


  •  Main symptoms are inflammation and swelling of many joints at the same time. 


  •  The hands are generally affected in a symmetric fashion. 


  •  Stiffness of all joints affected in the morning and improvement with the employing of joints during the day. 


  •  Erosion and destruction of the joint surface, which leads to deformity and loss of movement. 


  •  Deviation of the fingers. 


  •  Subcutaneous nodules on elbows and other surfaces. 


Diagnostic of Rheumatoid sickness: 


  •  If you think you have rheumatoid arthitis,immunological studies like rheumatoid factor are required.If your test is negative,it's still possible that you have rheumatoid sickness.During the first year of the disease, rheumatoid factor is frequently negative. 


If your test is positive, your physician will not conclude immediately to sickness because RF is also seen in Sjogren syndrome and is not very specific. 


Several other blood tests will be done such as full blood count,erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), liver enzymes, C-reactive protein,renal function and immunological tests . 


Rheumatoid arthitis Treatment: 


  •  Regular exercise 


  •  controlled diet 


  •  Weight loss 


  •  Anti-inflammatory and analgesics agents like: 


  •  Glucocorticoids 


  •  NSAIDs 


N.B: Do not abuse of these drugs. Recent studies have shown that they cause strokes and heart disease. 


What you have to know is that rheumatoid Arthitis can be prevented or cure if the body is given the correct treatment and nutrients to work with. 


I recommend using supplements that will: 


  •  Protect and even RESTORE affected joints. 


  •  Improve immune support and skin condition. 


  •  Target the cause not just the symptoms. 


  •  Help achieve long term relief 


  •  reduces inflammation, swelling and stiffness. 


These Formulas are: 


  •  Xtend-Life Arthrit-Eze 


  •  Exomine 


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