Vitamin Supplement




This formula has been marketed as a powerful natural diuretic.  It works by getting water out of your body while sparing critical electrolytes. 


Can Aquadrene™ really deliver as promised? Let’s review the ingredients: 


  •  Taraxacum Offincinale Leaf Extract (Standardized for Taraxacin) 1gr: also called Dandelion leaf. It acts as a diuretic and doesn‘t strip the body of valuable potassium and other important electrolytes. 


In fact , dandelion leaf is high in potassium and even can help replenish the body's supply of the nutrient. It could be a good alternative to drugs like furosemide (Lasix) without its negative effect. A full review of dandelion leaf is available here. aquadrene image


  •  UVA URSI Leaf Extract 1g: has been used to support the kidneys and urinary tract. It may have an antiseptic effect on the tissues of urinary tract and the kidneys. The ingredient may even reduce the pain from such disorders as kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and nephritis. 


  •  Dandelion Root Extract 500 mg: has been used as a diuretic, laxative, and as an aid in the treatment of gallstones and jaundice. It treats gall bladder inflammation and discomfort related to indigestion. A full review of dandelion root is available here. 


  •  Cranberry Fruit Extract (11% Quinic Acid) 60mg: has been used in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections. 


  • Scientists think that certain components of cranberry actually E. coli, the bacteria that usually causes urinary tract infections, from adhering to the walls of the bladder and start colonization. This ingredient also prevents kidney stones. 


  •  Potassium (Potassium Gluconate) 200mg: controls the distribution and balance of water throughout the body .Aquadrene helps maintain pH balance throughout the body and regulates blood pressure. 


It is used to prevent cardiac arrhythmias and in the treatment of congestive heart failure because many medications used to treat the disease often deplete the body of potassium with Aquadrene. Potassium reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. 


Magnesium (Magnesium Aspartate) 50mg: is used to support health in people with diabetes, kidney stones and many other diseases. 


  •  Vitamin B6 100mg: Have many properties. We are not sure what it is in this formula of Aquadrene. If you want a full review of pyridoxyne, click here. 


  • Parsely 4:1 Extract 250mg: increases urine volume and water loss. Do not cause electrolytes depletion. 


  •  Buchu: is used as an urinary tract disinfectant. 


Aquadrene™ side effects: 


At this time, no side effect has been reported with the used of aquadrene. 


Our recommendation: 


If you are looking a weight loss supplement,  Aquadrene™ is not the best because the weight you lose is only water weight. 


But as a diuretic, Aquadrene™is certainly a very powerful formula.