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  Antioxidents vitamins an d minerals,Vitamin C,Vitamin E and Betacarotene actually reverse the development of all those plaques into arteries and make people younger.

These are the benefits of antioxidents vitamins,antoxidants antiaging and antioxidents supplements.

Antoxidants reverse the disease process.A study from the prestigious American Heart Association has confirmed this reality.Antoxidants slow it down in some people.Antioxdants vitamin supplements stabilize in others.

By taking high doses of antioxident vitamins,antioxdants antiaging and antioxident vitamin supplements such as vitamin C,E,K,betacarotene and also herbal antioxident like Grape Seed Extract,Green Tea Extract,Hawthorne Berry extract etc..people became healthier.antioxidents vitamins images

But what are the recommended doses? People in the studies took for several years a lot more than RDA:

Increased intake of Betacarotene:5-50,000 IU daily
Vitamin E:100 to 400 IU daily
Increased intake of Vitamin C:250 to 1000 mg daily. Don't worry about vitamin overdose. At these doses,they have seen a decreased risk of degenerative diseases and all the benefits of antioxidents vitamins,antioxidents antiaging and antioxidents supplements.

There are some problems with megadoses of vitamin E.You can take with peace of mind 100 to 400 IU.I don't recommend you to take over 800 UI even if there are some clinical experiences with such high doses.

About the doses of Beta-carotene and vitamin C,don't worry.5 to 50,000 UI of beta-carotene and 250 to 1000 mg of vitamin C won't hurt you.

The point I am getting at is that these people didn't take the RDA doses when they want excellent nutrition,improved health,reverse of the blood vessel diseases.They took so much more above the U.S. RDA requirement.

Of course,you need to eat proper food,green food etc...,but you need something more powerful in term of nutrition of excellence.

For this reason,let me recommend to you these supplements that meets these important criteria.Not only they contain the request doses to reverse the aging process,but also fulfill your body with the other necessary nutrients.

You will also get your part of neutraceuticals of food concentrate that scientists are considering as more and more important for the human health being.I highly recommend them.These are:

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