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Antioxidant Supplements Review


Let's see the role of antioxidant supplements and how they improve our health and quality of life.

Let's see the benefits of antioxidant supplements and antioxidant antiaging.

Antioxidant supplements are any substance that has the ability to give up an electron to a free radical and balance out the compared electron which neutralizes the free radical.

God didn't leave us defenseless against the free radicals.Our body which has the ability to create some of its own antioxidant supplements produces 3 major antioxidants defense system:the superoxide dismutase,catalase and glutathion peroxidase.

But they are not sufficient.We need so much more.The rest of our antioxidant supplements must come from food and nutritional supplementation.antioxidant supplements images

As long as we have in our body adequate amount of antioxidant supplements to neutralize the amount of free radicals produced ,no damage is made within our body.

But when more free radicals are produced than there are antioxidant dietary supplements available,oxidative stress happens.If this situation persists,we develop chronic degenerative diseases.


The most common antioxidants are:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Beta carotene

We can get numerous antioxidants from our food.These include alpha-lipoic acid,coenzyme Q10 and the colorful bioflavonoid antioxidants.To win the war against oxidation and chronic degenerative disease,these substances need the availability of sufficient of antioxidant minerals which aid in the chemicals reactions so they can do their job.These antioxidant minerals are:

Selenium:an antioxidant that with combination with vitamin E magnifies its antioxidant property making it very powerful.

To achieve their job properly,antioxidant supplements also need primarily B cofactors.They are:

Folic Acid
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Because the production of free radicals varies every day depending on many factors,you need a good store of both antioxidant vitamins,antioxidant minerals and the cofactors.

Every day,within our body,a complicated struggle is held between free radicals and antioxidants.Which one will win the war?If free radicals win,you will develop rapidly chronic degenerative diseases.If antioxidant dietary supplements win,you will stay healthy.Today,you have the choice,just because the technology makes it possible.Care about the benefits of antioxidants and antioxidant antiaging.

Remember to choose nutritional products that contains adequate doses of vitamins.The cutting edge information about this fact recommends to take daily:

Beta-carotene(Not Vitamin A):5000 to 50000 UI .

Vitamin C(Natural):250 to 1000 mg 

Vitamin E(Natural d-alpha tocopherol):100 to 400 IU associated to Selenium which magnifies its power.Don't worry about vitamin overdose. 

After doing intensive research,reviewing twenty (20) nutritional supplements,I have found three of them really powerful that contains all required doses of vitamins.They also contain Nutriceuticals or Food concentrates which put them between the best on the market.Very few daily vitamins contain:



Herbal extracts like licopene,green tea,grape seed,bilberry etc..

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