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The secret is revealed!

Is antioxidant antiaging ? We have explained the aging process and the key role of the blood vessels in the process.

We have discussed a lot about benefits of antioxidant antiaging and antioxidant supplements.

You must ask yourself:What happens to the blood vessels? What is the process of the destruction ? What do these endothelial cells die the matter that they do?

How antioxidant antiaging supplements act to improve longevity?antioxidant antiaging image

A main reason can explain it simply:Oxidation
Cut an apple.Lay it on the table and come back in 20 minutes.That apple starting to turn brown.That means the apple is starting to oxidize.Oxygen from the air is combining with the molecules on the surface of the apple in a very complex interaction forming different different types of toxins and poisons.It happens to all different types of food that you eat when they are exposed to air,light and heat.

I am sure you never asked yourself why you put your food in a refrigerator.This is only because this appliance slow down the oxidation process with its cool temperature.Add to this fact,there's no light inside the refrigerator when the door is closed and there's less air into it.

 Inside our body,we have no air as outside but we have other products: 

Fatty Acid Hydroperoxides

These complicated chemicals can be put together in one term: FREE RADICALS .Their role is to oxidize what we eat(Protein,fat,carbohydrates and good cholesterol).

They are now running through your blood vessels.As they move there they damage the blood vessel walls,kill those endothelial cells,age and destroy our cells.In those circumstances,gradually destruction and death process occur.

However,nature has produced different types of substances which can stop the production of free radicals.That's the fundamental benefits of antioxidants and antioxidant supplements.Those substances are also called antioxidant nutrients. To the degree those antioxidant antiaging nutrients are flowing through your system,to that degree your blood vessel walls,your endothelial cells are protected from the damage that free radicals produced.

Antioxidant antiaging slow down the aging process and help maintain the integrity for a long time.That means you don't live 75 years but you can improve until 120 years of age.

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Herbal extracts like licopene,green tea,grape seed,bilberry etc..

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