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Antioxidants and Cancer


Let's talk a little about antioxidant supplement and cancer prevention. In othe r pages,I discuss a lot about benefits of antioxidents,antioxident foods,antioxidant antiaging,antioxidents supplements.Let's talk a little about some other areas.How do antioxidant supplement can help fight cancer? 

Cancer is a situation where several cells in the body lose their identity and start a mutation.Why ?

Because oxidation and free radicals can damage :

Genes into the cells
Cells and cell walls
normal cell function.

In fact,there is a genetic code about reproduction in every single cell.Free radicals got into the cells and damage the genes.All cells damaged lose their reproduction code and start to multiply rapidly.They become mute cells.A group of mute cells became a tumor.When you are at this stage,you have cancer.antioxidants and cancer image

Free radicals also destroy your T-cells and several other cells that are part of the immune system.Do you know what these cells do? they jump at other bad cells and continue the destruction process.

Right now while you are reading this text,you have mutation in your body which causing cancer cells.If your immune system is strong,it will catch them and destroy them as it does for bacteria,other germs and foreign particles. 

So the point I am getting at is that we start understand a lot about free radicals and the basic disease process that seriously damage the body.

The final point is that every single disease that we know is automatically a cellular disease,I mean disease of cellular malfunction.

What I am trying to explain to you is that the free radicals destroy the integrity of cells and therefore encourage the development of degenerative diseases.

Free radicals is a fundamental fundamental of many cellular malfunction diseases like cancer and premalignant lesions,rheumatoid arthritis,immuno-incompetence,cataracts,Parkinson's disease,diabetes and heart diseases.Antiaging vitamins and cancer prevention is a truth.Benefits of vitamins are a reality.

To the degree that you have a powerful exposition to antiaging vitamins and minerals ,to that degree you will be protected from these diseases and particularly cancer.

For this reason,let me recommend you these antiaging antioxidents vitamins which meet these important criteria.Not only they contain the request doses to reverse the aging process,but also fulfill your body with the other necessary nutrients.

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