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Androstenedione Review


 Androstendione is a weak steroid produced naturally in the body of both men and women.Androstenedione is necessary for the production of estrogens and testosterone.

Studies show that people who take androstenedione can increase testosterone levels 300 percent during a short time usually one and a half hours.

National and international sport associations have banned this supplement in professional sporting events because it is considered unsafe by the medical community. androstenedione image

There is not sufficient quantities in the diet and the only source available of androstenedione is supplementation.


Dosage Range 25-900mg daily.

Most Common Dosage 50-100mg daily.

Dosage Forms Sublingual tablets, sublingual spray, capsules, gel,transdermal cream and liposomal spray.



It enhances sports performance and boost testosterone levels.

But there is a big interrogation about the safety and effectiveness of such supplementation.

You must know that increased levels of estradiol and testosterone which occur when people take this supplement.This will probably result in possible health problems.


Side effects or warnings:

Controversy exists over both the potential toxicity and effectiveness of androstene.

Large doses may convert to testosterone causing multiple health problems.

Avoid taking this drug or supplement if you have a heart condition, breast or prostate cancer, liver or kidney disease.

A case of an unwanted, prolonged, painful erection in one man has been reported with the use of androstene.

Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding : Don't take this product if you are pregnant or breast-feeding an infant.

Age Limitations:People who are under the age of 25 and over the age of 40,it is really not recommended.