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Ambrotose Supplement - Ambrotose Review


Have you ever heard about Ambrotose ?It’s one of the leading product of Mannatech company. 

It is considered as an strong immune system booster.

Anbrotose contains many saccharine that are supposed to help the body create glycoforms, the structures used by the cells to communicate each other.

Ambrotose® ingredients:

It contains 8 sugars : fucose, glucose, N-acetylneuraminic acid, N-acetylglucosamine, galactose, mannose, xylose and N-acetylgalactosamine.

Like many Mannatech's products , you will not find Ambrostose in in stores. If you need this formula, you can get it only from distributors .This is due to the fact that Mannatech is a Multi-Level Marketing company . ambrostose pictures

Many questions have been asked about this company and its products. Do they really treat many degenerative diseases as claiming by many distributors?

The answer is certainly no. There are no clinical studies with double blind placebo controlled to confirm these facts. Mannatech has already asked its associates to stop such claims.


This has not prevented distributors from continuing claiming that Ambrotose® may help with diabetes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, attention deficit disorder colitis, chronic infections ,AIDS and Down syndrome.

One of the main arguments using to sell Ambrotose® is the fact that you can get glucose and galactose from your foods as the other glyconutrients can only be provided by their formula. But this has never been proven.

The references used to support these claims have never been published in any medical journals and the studies generally are not reviewed by other independent scientific group.

Does Ambrotose has any effects on Cancer?

Let’s be clear. It would not be right to diminish the importance of glycobiology and the potential use of polysaccharides in cancer.


The work of Prof. Hans-Joachim Gabius of the Ludwigs-Maximilians University of Munich demonstrates that cell-agglutinating proteins known as lectins plays an important role they play in tumor formation. But this isn’t mean that Ambrotose formula can treat cancer.

Media reported that glyconutrients have been claimed to have benefits in the management of many existing cancers. What is the scientific basis of such claims? It’s impossible to clearly establish the proofs.

If this formula does not work on cancer and I believe it’s the case, people will lose their money, their precious time and their health by using this product.


Everyone knows cancer is a serious and complex disease that requires medical assistance. Should the cancer patients left medical and chirurgical treatment to adopt a “miracle pill” as the main protocol of their cancer care? I really don’t think so.

Cost of Ambrotose:

If we start talking about money, we will notice that Ambrotose is not a cheap supplement. Advanced Ambrotose cost between $69 and $76 for only 75 grams in bulk! People will have to pay almost one dollar per gram or $27 per ounce.

Let me recommend you a better formula than Ambrostose at lowest price:

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