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Alzimers Disease:Causes,Symptoms


Statistics of Alzhimer's disease:

Approximately 4 million Americans have Alzimer's disease and many other millions all over the world.

More than 13 million Americans will suffer from Alzimers by the middle of this century unless a cure or prevention is found.

One in 10 persons over 65 and nearly half of those over 85 are suffering from Alzimers disease.

Alzimers costs the U.S. at least $100 billion a year.

A person with Alzimers will live an average of eight years.

Signs and Symptoms of Alzimers:
People with alzimers will have as first symptoms mild forgetfulness.When alzimers disease begins,people will have difficulty with short-term memory for recent events, activities, or the names of familiar people or things.


But the disease will continue to progress.During this progression,the frequency of these symptoms will increase. In the earlier stages,people will forget how to do simple tasks, like combine their hair and brushing their teeth.

As the signs in symptoms progress,logical thinking process decline and patients with alzimers begin to have problems speaking, understanding, reading, or writing.

Below is a little classification describing the symptoms during each stage of alzimers disease:

Mild stage symptoms:confusion and memory loss;getting lost in familiar surroundings and disorientation with time ; difficulty performing routine tasks; changes in personality, judgment, focus, and attention.

Intermediate stages symptoms:people living with alzimers can't perform normal activities such as feeding and bathing;They will have increased anxiety and agitation; sleep trouble;increased difficulty with name and face recognition of family and friends.

Severe stage symptoms:loss of speech; loss of bowel control and bladder.A full-time care nurse is necessary.

Treatment of Alzimers:
There are no final treatment for alzimers disease.You can prevent it or slowing down the process.Specific formulas are necessary.They must contain important cognitive herbs in order to do that.We have reviewed 20 formulas to recommend the best.These are:

Neuro-Natural Memory Get More Info on MemoRise for Improved Memory and Retention
Progressive 17

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