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Alzeimers Symptoms - Alzeimers Diseases


  Alzeimers is a chronic disease characterized by degeneration of the brain.Alzeimer main's manifestation is loss of memory and its tragic consequences. 

When you lose your memory,you lose your identity and relationship to the world around you. 

To help you understand how terrible this disease is,let's consider former President Reagan's case:they report he has forgotten he was President of USA!Just imagine!alzeimers image

The medical term for senility is senile dementia.It is characterized by a gradual loss of mental function that so often occurs with aging. 

Alzeimers disease is the most common form of senile dementia.It represents more than 60 percent of the cognitive function disorders in the aging population.



There are about 4 million Americans with alzeimers and many other millions all over the world.

It is predicted that 14 million Americans will have alzeimer's disease by the middle of this century unless they adopted preventive behavior.

Ten percent of people over 65 and nearly half of those over 85 have alzeimers.

Alzeimers costs the U.S. at least $90 billion a year.

Statistics show that a person with alzeimers will live an average of eight years.

Signs and Symptoms of alzeimers:

Mild forgetfulness (first sign).

Difficulty with short-term memory for recent events and activities.

Difficulty to remember the names of familiar people or things.

Difficulty to remember how to do simple tasks, like brushing their teeth or combing their hair.

Difficulty to think logically and rationally.

Trouble speaking, understanding, reading, or writing.


In late stages, patients with alzeimer's disease will require total nursing care.

Confusion and memory loss;

Disorientation with time

Difficulty to perform routine tasks;

Changes in personality, judgment, focus, and attention.

Difficulty to self feed and bath;


Increased difficulty with name and face recognition of family and friends.

Loss of speech;

Loss of bladder and bowel control;

Principles in the Natural Treatment of alzeimers:

If you want to prevent,slow down the process of deterioration of cells' brain and avoid this disease,these are the herbs,vitamins and nutriceuticals that a good formula must contain:

Acetyl L-Carnitine:useful in the treatment of senile depression and age-related memory .

Choline: help forming acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.Also helps people with these symptoms and diseases by helping in the manufacturing of acetylcholine.

Huperzine A:useful in the treatment of brain diseases.Also helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine and has a protective effect on brain tissue.

Phosphatidyl-L-Serine:nutriceutical that improves cognitive function in young men and women and people with alzeimers.It also has the ability to improve memory and attention.

Vinpocetine:proven neuro-protective effects that may be beneficial to brain function.

L-Tyrosine:improves learning,performance and memory.

Vitamin E:fights free radicals that contribute to cellular degeneration.

Vitamin C:generally people with this brain disease show low blood levels of vitamin C ,a free radical fighter.Free radicals contribute to brain diseases.

Ginkgo:helps increase longevity,slow down the aging process and reverse the effects of aging on the brain.

Bacopa:has been considered as a brain and nerve tonic.It has been used for epilepsy, mental illness, and to improve memory and mental capacities.
If you surfer the NEt looking for formulas that can help you slow down the aging process and reverse or prevent this disease,you will find tons and tons of formulas.

But be aware.Many of them are scams.Generally,they do not contain all the ngredients listed above.We have reviewed more than twenty (20) of them.We recommend only:

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