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 Alvidar™ is the newest “thyroid booster” manufactured by Selmedica Healthcare.Let’s be clear. You need to have a properly functioning thyroid gland and it seems Alvidar may help you.

Your metabolism rate depends on it. If you have low metabolism , your entire body will suffer.

Generally makers of these supplements will display a big list of symptoms linked to thyroid problems. Keep in mind those simple things:

1)Thyroid trouble is a serious health problem. alvidar info

2)The easiest way to be sure of an affecting thyroid problem is to see your doctor and ask. Most of the times the physician will require a laboratory test that will reveal quickly how your T3 and T4 thyroid hormones are going.

So I completely disagree with the manufacturers when claiming “many experts now feel that blood tests do not accurately evaluate a low functioning thyroid“ . If this is the case , how can people be sure they have thyroid troubles?

It‘s very hard to take this decision based only on symptoms. Generally thyroid symptoms affect multiple aspects of life and can’t be distinct from general symptoms like fatigue and depression.

Can Alvidar really boost your thyroid?

The maker of this supplement claims that his formula will:

Make the essential nutrients available to your body
Give the iodine your thyroid needs
Help reduce your chances to suffer from a goiter
Improve your libido
Lower your LDL cholesterol levels
Improve your skin
Normalize the functioning of your thyroid
Help in digestion

No published human study is available. Of course, they claim they have made their own studies but who has reviewed them?

And about Alvidar™ ingredients?

The Alvidar formula contains an impressive list of ingredients like kelp and bladderwrack, garlic, St. John's Wort, valerian, saw palmetto, gentian, meadowsweet, cayenne, ginger, ginko biloba, echinacea and ginseng . But only bladdrewrack and kelp are effective for thyroid troubles.

This doesn’t mean the other ingredients are not valuable. In fact they are very good herbs that have other purposes than thyroid boosting function, like ginseng that has the ability to help with fatigue ,Echinacea that increases resistance to infections and boost the immune system and saw palmetto that promotes good prostate health.

Our recommendation:

If you feel you have thyroid trouble , it’s recommended to see your physician. It will help you. The ingredients in Alvidar™ tend to confirm it as an energy booster instead of a thyroid booster.

If you decide to give a try to this supplement, it’s right to ask advice to your doctor. Anyway they have a strong guarantee posted on their website in case you want your money back. Hope they will honor it!