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Alpha Gpc Benefits - Side Effects of Alpha Gpc


 Alpha GPC is a substance that flows in the body.It has the potential to support a variety of neurological functions when use as a supplement.The most important role of this supplement is the production of choline, a water soluble B vitamin that is very important for the brain and nervous system health.

It is also involved in the production of certain neurotransmitters and hormones such as human growth hormone and acetylcholine that support brain and nervous system function.


Dosage Range200 mg to 1,500 mg daily. alpha gpc benefits image

Most Common Dosage400 mg three times daily.

Dosage FormsTablets, capsules, powder and intravenous.

Alpha gpc Benefits:


It has the ability to enhance overall brain function.

It improves memory and the ability to pay attention in young patients.

It may improve neurological function in Alzheimer's disease.

In elderly people suffering with dementia and senility,this supplement supports brain function and health.

Latest studies suggest that it may be good support for patients recovering from stroke.
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Side effects:

About 1 percent of patients taking this supplement may have nausea,heartburn, insomnia,vomiting, headache and restlessness.Lower the dose or discontinue the use of the product.Tell your doctor if these side effects don't disappear or become severe.

Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding : Any adverse effects related to the use of this product in fetal development during pregnancy or to infants who are breast-fed has been noted.