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Before discussing about gluton alergies,you probably need to have an answer to this question:What is gluten? How do gluton cause allergies?Gluton is a protein found in oats,wheat and barley.alergies imagesThe proteins that can be designed by the term gluten are classified into two groups:Glutelins and Prolamines.

What are alergies?

The specific disease is also designed under the name of adverse reaction of the body to a substance or an animal. Many people are familiar with the term "celiac disease" for gluten alergies but ignore it refers to this type of alergy. 

Gluten alergies are a genetic disease causing troubles in the immune system.The result is an intolerance to the gluton.

The fundamental problem for sufferers is the fact that a lot of foods contain gluten.The world is full of grain-based foods with gluton like wheat and oats.Many additives contain gluten and sometimes,gluton may just be an ingredient in soups and some condiments.

Avoiding all these foods have become a real challenge.Do you know why?If you are intolerant to gluton and you eat even accidentally these foods,you will damage your small intestine.

Alergies to Gluton Symptoms:

Variable symptoms with individuals.
No symptoms in some people
Bloating,severe gas, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
Malnutritionin the long term
Depression,irritability, muscle cramps.

Diagnosis :

No test available.
Only a biopsy of the small intestine can confirm the disease when celiac disease is suspected.

Treatments :

Avoid all products that contain gluton(Strict diet)
When you're grocery shopping,read all product food labels.
Avoid wheat,oats rye and barley.

Gluten alergy complications:

If you do not take these precautions,you will likely develop complications like seizures,osteoporosis,cancer and anemia.