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Aging with Grace - Aging Gracefully


Understanding the principles people used for aging with grace is something fundamental .Aging Gracefully and slowing down the aging process is better.

And one of the key to aging with grace is to know the physiopathology of the diseases of the human blood vessels.And Nutrtion plays a key role in this.

What is a human blood vessel made of?
It is made of different layers which are composed of different cells.There are 4 layers:

 aging with grace

The endothelial cell layers
The intima
The media
The adventia

The endothelial cell layer is composed of cells which touch the blood flow,which act as a gap keepers for all the nutrients,vitamins & minerals,water,oxygen that eventually passes through all the cells of the blood vessel wall.It's important to remember that every single cell of the body desperately need nutrients,oxygen,water which passes through the blood vessels.So,the key for these cells to have these nutrients is the endothelial cell layer.

There are 4 steps in the destruction of the endothelial cell layer:

At birth,the lumen of the blood vessels is empty.So every single cell in the body get oxygen,vitamins,minerals,water...
There is a beginning in the obstruction process.This contrary to the way of aging with grace or gracefully.
The obstruction of the blood vessel continues.Aging is in serious progress.
You are at the end of the humans vessel disease.The aging process is winning the battle and you won't be aging with grace. Your blood vessel age is a lot more than your chronically age.

The target of the blood vessel at this period is to slow down the function of the organs concerned.If this happens in the heart muscle,you have cardiomyopathy and other heart diseases.If this happens in the brain,you will have cerebro-vascular diseases,alzheimer's disease.If the target is the liver,you have liver diseases.You may also have high blood pressure,diabetes,kidney diseases and all other diseases related to age.That what creates the gap from 75 years to 120 years.


What happens to the majority of people? how does the aging process affect them? Are they able to age with grace? do they know the proncipe of aging gracefully?

When they are 25 years old chronologically,they are 45 years of age biologically.If you understand the process,you can stop aging.The secret is to increase longevity.

The point is a simple one:aging is inevitable but the speed at which we you and I age,your children age,your parent age,your family age,the people that you love age is negotiable.That's a fundamental fact.

If people understand the human longevity process,it will be clear that kidney diseases,cerebrovascular diseases,high blood pressure,diabetes,stroke,liver diseases,alzheimer's disease are in fact circulatory diseases.

Your challenge is to slow down the destruction of the cells that lie at the layer inside the blood vessels.By doing this ,you will increase longevity.How do you do this with success ?By controlling your nutrtion and taking high quality antioxidant supplements !

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