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  Does Advecia really work? Can we compare Advecia and Procerin?What I can tell you straight is that Advecia and Procerin work.

People get result.You only have to visit the forums to understand it.

The secong thing to consider is the composition of these supplements and the clinical results.They both have good composition.

This hair loss supplement is certainly one of the most effective pattern baldness treatments.

Do you have hair loss and experiencing lack of confidence ?
Have you tried other Rx without success?
Did you use Propecia or Rogaine and now experiencing their side effects?

If your answer is yes to one of these questions,you certainly need Advecia

Androgenetic Alopecia is an extremely common disorder affecting both women and men.95% of all hair loss is a result of this trouble.advecia image

When someone suffer of Androgenetic Alopecia,he will have elevated levels of 5 alpha reductase which converts testosterone into DHT. This hormone will destroy the hair follicles.If you can block these hormones activities,you can stop hair loss. And that's the function of its ingredients.

In fact,this supplement will help slow down hair loss and revive dormant follicles.Because it contains only natural supplements ,you will not be experiencing side effects common to other hair loss treatments.Advecia works with your natural DNA processes to deliver vital nutrients to the scalp.It eliminates "nutrient deficient follicles" by feeding hair follicles.

Research also show that your hair are really alive.Providing regularly essential nutrients to your hair follicles can stop and reverse hair loss.So your hair needs the nutrients provide by the product.

To understand how Advecia works,consider the effectiveness of its ingredients.

Herbal ingredients:

Saw Palmetto Extract 37.5 mg:

It's the best known natural dht blocker.Saw palmetto is effective at lowering production levels of DHT ( testosterone's derivative usually cause hair loss).Extracts of Saw Palmetto block 5-alpha-reductase which converts testosterone into DHT.

Phytosterol Complex 125 mg :

Phytosterols show anti-androgenic properties and ability to block DHT. It also leads to greater 5-alpha blocking.

Beta Sitosterol 50 mg :

BetaSitosterols contains more sterols than saw palmetto.It lowers cholesterol levels and inhibit the production of's a very powerful DHT blocker with no side effects.When combined with extract of saw palmetto,it's blocking action against 5-alpha-reductase is greater.

Green Tea Extract 500 mg:

Gallocatechins and gallates of catechins have the property to be very effective 5 alpha reductase inhibitors.We can find this class of inhibitors in many types of plant bark and leaves, particularly, in green tea.

L-Lysine 550 mg:

L-Lysine is NOT a DHT blocker,but it can enhance blocking 5-alpha-reductase activities of other nutrients .L-Lysine combined with a DHT inhibitor effectively promotes hair growth in people suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

L-Arginine 1500 mg:

Hair follicles use nitric oxide to maintain and promote new hair growth. L-arginine helps produce nitric oxide.

Grape Seed Extract 200 mg and Proanthocyanidins/Procyanidins 190 mg

Grape seed contains powerful antioxidants called proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins help to promote the proliferation of hair cells by 230%.It displays an hair-cycle-converting activity which was similar to that of minoxidil.Proanthocyanidins is used in the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

Other facts:

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Side effects:

No side effects have been noted associated with the use of this supplement.

In conclusion,it is one of the best products against hair loss. Clinical trials have proven the fact that this product significantly cures & treats androgenetic alopecia and other kind of hair loss.

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