Accelis Review – Accelis Weight Loss

Accelis Review – Accelis Weight Loss

If you go on the Accelis Website , the first claim you will notice is: “Accelis is a revolutionary all-natural and stimulant-free weight-loss supplement that can help you lose an average of 10.65 pounds fast! The formula contains a patent-pending and clinically-proven ingredient for weight loss”

My first question is: where can we found the study about theproperties of Accelis ingredient? Was it published in anymedical journal? Does Accelis diet pill deliver as promised? Toanswer this question, let’s analyze the ingredients in thisweightloss pill :

Corosolic acid that is derived from a plant speciesin the South Pacific called Lagerstroemia speciosa(also knownas Banaba) .This supplement has been used to lower blood sugarlevels in diabetics since ancient times.

The maker of the formula believes that this ingredient hasthe ability to help you reach your weight-loss goals. In fact,latest studies revealed that banaba eliminates weight gain ingenetically diabetic obese .

Caffeine-free green tea extract (as Camelliasinensis) ,Caffeine-free oolong tea extract (as Camelliasinensis) , Caffeine-free white tea extract (as Camelliasinensis) (leaf) : they supply polyphenols, catechins,epigallocatechin gallate.

The problem is that caffeine-free products are not aseffective as caffeinated teas for weight loss. It would bebetter to use the caffeine containing green tea becausecaffeine is a thermogenic that boosts green tea as a fatburner.

Chamomile extract (as Matricaria recutita) : thisherb is best known for calming the nerves without causingdrowsiness or motor impairment. We really don’t see whychamomile is included in the formula. If you want to reviewchamomile herb, click here.

Passionflower extract (as Passiflora incarnata) : hasthe potential ability to decrease anxiety and prolong sleepingtime. This herb may also reduce muscle spasms and decreasepain.

Passionflower may enhance the sedative and anti-anxietyeffects of herbs like valerian. We don’t know why it is in thisweightloss formula.

Soy phospholipids : are useful for treating symptomsassociated with menopause , inhibit cancer-inducing estrogensand reduce the incidence of prostate cancer in men. Soyisoflavones may help lower cholesterol and also supportcardiovascular health. Not sure what value it adds to thisformula.

Our recommendation about Accelis weight losspill:

It’s hard to get significant results with only 30 mg ofproprietary blend. When analyzing this formula, there are manyingredients that have no effects on weight loss that areincluded in the product. Why? No one knows.

Our other remark is about green teas. When useddecaffeinated, you don’t get the resultsexpected.

Our conclusion is : we are not sure on the propertiesof Accelis weight loss supplement. But if you are interested totry it, buy Accelis at the cheaper onlinestore.

And if you got results using this formula, just let usknow.

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