Accelis Diet Pills – Accelis Side Effects


Accelis Diet Pills – Accelis Side Effects

 Accelis diet pills is marketed as a new]]> and revolutionary diet pill.It seems that this weight loss supplement can help dieters lose about 10.65 pounds rapidly without any harmful side effects.

What is especially incredible is that the makerof this diet pill made these claims without any proof.

Where are the scientific research and studiesto corroborate these claims? Or is this only a marketingtactic? We all know that advertisements avoid presentingnegative side effects of the products they promote. Marketersgenerally keep their focus on presenting the positive side ofthe product.

It is not different in Accelis’s advertisement.Anyway, it would be fair to inform us about clinical studies ifthere was any instead of claiming what can’t be proven.

Is Accelis a revolutionary fat burner? How manyand how much ingredients do they contain? Do they really work?A review of Accelis ingredient will help to answer thesequestions.

Lagerstroemia speciosa l.extract – this ingredient is sometimes called Banana.It contains 3% corosolic acid. The corosolic acid is known tohave the ability to decrease the blood glucose levels in bothhumans and animals affected by diabetes.

As well, scientists have proved that theingredient of Banaba leaf (corosolic acid) show promise ineliminating weight gain in genetically diabetic obese mice.

Caffeine free teas – now weknow for sure and specially after the ban of ephedra that theeffectiveness of most fat burning products is due to green teaand other teas rich in EGCG.

However, what is the value to have a fat burnerwith caffeine free teas? It’s not a secret that decaffeinatedteas have proven to be less effective than those that remaincaffeinated. We really don’t understand this choice.

Chamomile extract – anyway,this is not the main ingredients of the supplement as it isjust a mild sedative. It has also the ability to soothe thedigestive system, alleviate gas and help the body ward offinfections caused by certain bacteria and fungal strains.

Passionflower extract has the potential abilityto decrease anxiety, calm us and provide a better sleepingtime. Research has proven its ability to decrease pain andreduce muscle spasms. It has shown sedative properties.

Soy phospholipids – I’m notactually quite sure why this ingredients is added to Accelis’sformula. Soy phospholipids is known to reduce hot flashes inwomen with menopause.

It also protects women from breast cancer andmen from prostate cancer. Anyway, whether Soy phospholipidsshould be added to a fat burning supplement, it is still notproved yet.

Bottom line:

There are pros and cons about the effectivenessof this pill as a fat burner.


·  Accelis has no known side effects atthis time.

·  It contains a few ingredients likecorosolic acid and green tea that have recognized weight lossabilities.

·  The product is cheap.

·  Many independent reviews in the forumsgive Accelis good feedback

Cons or Side affects:

· The formula contains only a proprietary blendof 30 mg. Believe me it’s hard to put all these ingredients in30 mg and hope get efficiency and results.

· The green tea is decaffeinated. Whendecaffeinated, green tea worth nothing for people looking tolose weight.

· Many independent reviews from the forums giveAccelis a negative feedback

Should you buy this diet pill because it costsonly 20 bucks? My personal opinion is simple: why spending yourmoney if you have doubt about Accelis?

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